New Zealand Culture (ニュージーランド の 文化)

Another Hampton Track Day

Im starting to like these often occuring Hampton Downs drift days, hopefully itll become more of a regular event! But I really need a new Camera… D70 looks ancient now haha

Battles were close and there were always a couple happening which was cool to watch

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Lifestyle: A Taste of JDM Goodness

Me and my mate Mark were talking about Japan (as you do) and I started talking about MOS burger’s Teriyaki Rice burgers.

YES they use rice instead of the standard burger buns!

Anyone who hasnt had these burgers are missing out on life…

Here is (EDIT:Was just Mels attempt, Mark just ate it haha) Mels attempt, Most probably the first people in NZ (maybe even the South Pacific) to make these haha,

Picture 017-800


With some Sapporo to go with it, you cant get anymore “JDM” than that. Although I prefer Kirin.

If you go to Japan and want to have Japanese style Fast food, go to MOS burger!